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"I was just sitting here looking at our plants, not not looking, admiring our
office plants, and remembered, I have yet to e-mail you to say THANK YOU!
They are great, and make all the difference. Thanks again :-)"
Newmarket International

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Hello.....Welcome to Breathing Space

Hello… have you ever wanted to have office plants in your workplace but were worried about the setup costs and looking after your displays once they are delivered? Well here at Breathing Space we offer an office plant rental and maintenance service meaning you can have those displays you've always wanted.


Would you like to purchase your Interior plants now?

Within this site you will find over 450 office plant products to buy now ! We have split the different office plants products into different categories which can be found as links in the menu on the left hand side. We operate a delivery service meaning the office plants you purchase from us will be delivered to your door.

Once your plants arrive you can either look after them yourselves or you could purchase our interior plant display maintenance services meaning your plants will be cared for and looked after by the Breathing Space  team.

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Are you looking for artificial office plants, event hire or artwork hire ?

Not only do Breathing Space provide the best office plant displays and interior plant display maintenance services in the industry, but we also have a whole range of other products available to purchase online now. We only supply the highest quality artificial plants to rent or to buy from our vast range.


These artificial plants can either be sold as individual items or why not request a free on site consultation where we can design a bespoke scheme for your workplace. In addition we also offer short term event hire services and artwork rental for your offices.

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Why hire office interior plants?
Owning a business can be tough and creating the right environment for your workforce can be an essential part of being successful. It is well known that keeping healthy happy employees is one way to ensure success. What is not so well known is that office plants can help you to create the right environment in the office.

Over the years, there have been many academic studies that provide evidence to support the fact that the use of office plants has substantial benefits for your business and your employees. Indoor office plants not only look good but improve air quality, worker productivity and reduce stress thus maximising your business profits. more

Office Plants for a Stress Free You
Do you often feel tired and unmotivated at work? Have you ever found yourself getting agitated with a colleague on the next desk? Well if you answered yes to these questions then you are definitely not alone. According to the BBC Health Website stress caused by work is the second biggest occupational health problem in the UK.

You will probably be surprised to hear that in the UK alone 75% of all sick days are due to stress and back pain, and that £13.4 billion pounds was lost by UK businesses in 2005 according to the Confederation of British Industry, Health and Safety Executive. more


Office Plants: For a Healthier, Happier Tomorrow
There have been many academic studies and research projects into patient recovery times and methods that speed up the amount of time patients who have just had surgery need to recover. One of the biggest outcomes of these studies was the impact of plants and nature on patients and even on the mood of hospital staff whilst at work. more

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